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What Attorneys say about Dr. Shaffer

Attorney Recommendations:

“…my clients have repeatedly expressed their ultimate satisfaction with Dr. Shaffer’s services and careful attention. I would definitely recommend Dr. David Shaffer to people who is seeking qualitative health care. Dr. Shaffer must be one of the best professionals I had ever known personally. He could be considered a prime asset to any law company, medical institution or any other people who are lucky enough to establish a relationship with this person.”

-Harry A. Goldstein, Esq.

“You know, I have recently been involved in a big automobile accident, and I decided to get treatment at Dr. Shaffer’s center, though I had many other options in the region where I live. I am sure, any lawyer, attorney, doctor or patient who chooses Dr. Shaffer’s services will be greatly satisfied with the care he provides.”

-John Nojima, Esq.

“For now, I have been practicing injury litigation for nearly 30 years already…and all my clients who chose Dr. Shaffer were all very thankful to him and his personal careful attention he paid to the patients.”

-Patrick A. Silverman, Esq.