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Our Services

tn_Fairfax-Corner-lamp-post-weBreakthrough Medical Technologies (view Therapy Explained to learn more details about these treatment methods):
IDD Therapy-Spinal Decompression
(FDA approved)

TheraLASE – Therapeutic Laser Treatment
for Pain and Injuries
(FDA approved)

Treatment of the spine and other musculoskeletal traumas with the help of:

  • Spinal manipulations;
  • Physical medicine appliance;
  • Rehabilitative programs and neuromuscular education.

Athletic enhancement and Sport Specific Training protocols:

  • Golf;
  • Basketball (especially vertical leaps);
  • Other activities.

 Testing of Functional abilities:

  • Pre-employment examinations and testings;
  • Post-injury health care provision;
  • Assessment and help in returning to work.

Nutritional Supplements

Pure Encapsulations™ are one of the best pharmaceutical nutritional supplements which are available only at healthcare professionals. Dr. Shaffer recommends only checked and effective nutritional supplements for his patients.