NOVA Spine & Injury Center – My Canadian Pharmacy Partner 496 Ruckman Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73110


“Thank you very much Dr. Shaffer for providing personalized and attentive care, he is the best at communicating with patients. Patients and medical stuff miss him very much and I know many people who would like to move to Virginia just to be able to be treated by Dr. Shaffer again.”

-Patrick M. Munro, M.D., M.P.H-family practice

“Dr. Shaffer is the only specialist whom I had ever referred my patients to. As a doctor, I doubted nontraditional medicine at first. Dr. Shaffer has changed my attitude to alternative therapy methods…”

-Sar Reitler, M.D., M.B.A.-internal medicine

“After treatment at Dr. Shaffer,  patients came back and thanked me for referring them to such a professional.”

-Joseth D. Piper, M.D.-orthopaedic surgery

“David’s professionalism and abilities, as well as management capabilities are on the level. I believe he is the best professional in this practice.”

-William E. Kim, M.D.-internal medicine

“I should admit I have always been amazed by the quality of David’s work. He is a reliable and careful doctor. His individual approach and professional skills were outstanding …”

-Natalie Laborde, M.D., Ph.D.-family practice/endocrinology

“I noticed that the patients that were treated by Dr. Shaffer tend to feel better if compared with patients of other chiropractors… I heard only positive feedback from the patients: Dr. Shaffer helped to reduce their pain and is called a remarkable health provider.”

-Joseph B. Valdez, M.D.-anesthesiology/pain management

“I consider Dr. Shaffer professional and competent chiropractors. I am sure he has ability to maintain appropriate treatment and help people.”

-Samual V. Sobol, M.D.-orthopaedic surgery