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Clinical Research

My Canadian Pharmacy together with NOVA spine and injury center have carried out cinical research concerning spine injuries. Scientists try to clarify how dangerous spine injuries may be. The main answer they try to give is whether spine injuries can lead to invalidization.

It turned out that everything is dependent on severity of disease. My Canadian Pharmacy specialists may provide you with medications directed to eliminate any symptoms of spine diseases.

But there are cases when it is necessary to carry out surgical operations, for example if the following diseases are observed:

  • spinal disc herniation;
  • lumbar rheumatism;
  • cervical stenosis.

This list is no way complete because treatment is prescribed according to each case individually. Only doctor may prescribe appropriate treatment.

Clinical studies show that only 30% of spine sufferers attend doctor to get rid the disease fundamentally. This figure is non-encouraging challenge. People suffering from back pain should consult specialist to know exact reason of what is wrong in your organism.

Clinical researches of My Canadian Pharmacy in cooperation with NOVA spine and injury center are going on. Scientists will try to answer more and more questions relating to this bothering issue.