NOVA Spine & Injury Center – My Canadian Pharmacy Partner 496 Ruckman Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73110

About US

Our Philosophy

tn_Fairfax-Corner-lamp-post-wetn_Fairfax-Corner-streetview-wOur center differs from other medical institutions – we have a different approach. Among our benefits: face to face consultations, individual treatment programs, amiable staff, modern non-traditional therapy methods. Patients’ health care is qualitative and expectations are always high, we know how to help people.

We understand that patients require more visits to doctor to discuss the problem thoroughly, so we try to make these appointments as pleasant as possible. The therapy applied at NOVA Spine & Injury Center is a complex one, consisting of traditional therapies, up-do-date technologies, and innovative studies and researches. Our practice knows no patients who was unsatisfied with our services.

We pride NOVA to be able to follow new therapies and refuse outdated ones. Visit our center and check it out. We know for sure, you will be impressed.

The center is located in a convenient part of the city, so after your consultation at NOVA you may enjoy having Fairfax Corner’s restaurants and stores alongside to have a nice rest of your day.