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Fairfax Chiropractic Care With Compassion and Expertise

careYou have got some kind of physical therapy, visited a chiropractor and an orthopedist and you still have health problems? Do not think that all medical institutions have the same treatment methods and that you are bound to suffer all your life.

NOVA Spine & Injury Center has an individual approach to each patient and up-to-date medical programs that are able to releave pain, strengthen your health and improving quality of your life. Many our treatment methods are based on the recent clinical trials and related to traditional sports- and physical medicine, rehabilitation programs and chiropractic therapy, still our medical practice is unique in its application – getting the correct treatment, all our patients recover injured areas, improve general health and reduce pain.

Our modern therapy methods provide reliable, qualitative health care due to the complex approach: we combine the latest technologies, results of physical medicine researches and innovative rehabilitation programs. Our center is located Fairfax, Virginia.

Our best professional specialist – Dr. David Shaffer, D.C. – is engaged in treating neuromusculoskeletal diseases, including cervical spine injuries, lumbar spine injuries, back pain, neck pain, thoracic spine injuries, shoulder trauma, wrist injuries, headaches (tension, migraine), knee trauma, foot injuries and many others. These conditions are treated through soft-tissue therapy and other modern techniques and exercises aimed at quick pain reduction and healing. All these programs were successfully tested on professional and amateur athletes but have the same positive effects on average people who got injuries in auto accidents, people with chronic diseases and everyday pains. The unique and innovative technologies applied at NOVA Spine & Injury Center are the following:

  • Alpha-SPINA™ technology uses IDD Therapy® and up-to-date computer software applied for spinal pain elimination in a comfortable way;
  • Wristrac™ is a sensational, modern non-surgical unique treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrist problems;
  • TheraLASE™ is a laser treatment aimed at pain elimination or reduction which is used by professional sports organizations.

Using a complex approach, Dr. Shaffer and the NOVA staff manage to achieve required results while other clinics may have failed in this activity. Do not hesitate and address NOVA Spine & Injury Center with your health problems and make sure you get a quick and high quality answer to your question. “Will your center help me for sure?” Having analyzed your condition, we choose the best treatment solution for our clients: we evaluate NOVA possibilities and whether our center can cope with your problems. In some problems we refer our patients to the required medical institutions which are highly qualified enough to assist in your health improving.

We are take responsibility for our patients and do our best for them to become and stay healthy through a special medical program or lifestyle positive changes, for example, a healthy diet and sports activity. One more NOVA peculiarity – we are cooperating with numerous medical institutions having My Canadian Pharmacy as our best partner, have recommendation letters from the best professionals, pay a special attention to traditional medicine and try to solve health problems in a natural way without surgery (if possible) and always provide gentle and sparing therapy methods.

NOVA is happy to help patients of all ages and provide the first free consultation and advice!

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