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Chiropractors in Fairfax VAHave you been to physical therapy, a chiropractor, and/or an orthopedist here in Fairfax,VA and still have pain? Do you think that finding a local chiropractor is Hard? Are you frustrated with your options? At NOVA spine & Injury Center, we personalize each patient’s care with programs that emphasize reducing pain and quickly rehabilitating, strengthening, and improving fine motor control. We offer relief from a variety of conditions like lower back pain, neck pain, whiplash and sports injuries. Our award winning staff can help you get back to feeling great again in no time. We also offer athletic enhancement programs to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries. Many techniques are borrowed and enhanced from traditional sports medicine, physical medicine, chiropractic and rehabilitation exercises.There is no other Fairfax Chiropractic Clinic with the array of tools and techniques that we have at our disposal to help you recover from your injuries.

These techniques were developed by treating professional and amateur athletes as well as auto accident and work injury victims. Our programs are designed to get you out of pain as quickly as possible while reestablishing proper function and strengthening the area so the problem won’t come back. We focus on total recovery while ensuring you are pain free as quickly as possible.

Patient Types

Whether you’ve been hurt in an accident or at work,suffer from a chronic condition or are an avid athlete our Chiropractic Clinic in Fairfax VA can deliver. Read about the variety of people we help.


We treat a wide variety of conditions. Look up & learn about your condition below.

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Chiropractors Fairfax, VA

See for yourself what makes our brand of chiropractic health care so special and why we help patients recover the right way. Please Enjoy!

Fairfax Chiropractor

Fairfax Chiropractic

Contact us today for an evaluation. Whether you have been injured playing your favorite sport or have been in an auto accident we can help. We offer a variety of treatments and techniques to help with even the most difficult injuries. We have a proven track record of getting our patient well fast and providing them with the strategies they need to stay healthy.

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